If you read the right side you'll pick up some of how it started.

Why video?

Even though I should tell you to mind your own business, I'll explain instead just to shut you up... LOL!  Well it started a few years ago when I decided to bring in a camcorder into local clubs because I wanted to try and capture some of the excitement I was experiencing.  The videos didn't turn out too bad and I found that I really enjoyed recording and editing.  Each video that came out allowed me to try new things like how to record with different styles, and how to edit in different ways.  Those early videos, which were hosted on Google Video no longer exist.

When I finally upgraded to a small HD camcorder (Sony's top consumer model) with hard drive (compared to recordable mini DVD I had in the past), the look increased immensely. This became the reasoning for removing the older videos, as I was no longer impressed with the quality.

Why are the videos so long?

Why... because I'm a sucker and don't have the heart to chop up a DJ's set I've recorded.  I mean think about it.  When your watching a short video that's only a few minutes long from some event it does look exciting.  The editors usually play a single track over an edited video depicting the entire night in a short video.  I, on the other hand, don't have the heart to take the long segment of footage and bring it down to a few seconds.  The people work hard to bring the level of excitement to the club that we all expect.  When your watching a video that has a certain tune playing, the last thing you you want is that tune to abruptly end just so the length of the video can stay short.  One of the biggest compliments I get from messages is how the videos make you feel like you were there.  The viewer can relax and enjoy the artist that much more, instead of being rushed through the experience.

How can you upload such long videos to YouTube?

Good question, and it's been asked many times.  Back in 2006, I first signed on to YouTube as I was already signed on with Google Video.  At the time YouTube was much younger, but it's popularity was growing fast.  I was advised to apply for a Directors Account, which was easily given.  I wasn't yet uploading but I thought what have I got to loose be having such an account.  Later on that year they stopped allowing people to get this account in that form.  If I remember correctly I beat that by only a few months.  It was only a couple of year later with the upgrade of my camcorder, when I decided to upload to YouTube.  This is where the old directors account came into play.  Whilst most YouTubers are restricted to 20 minute video lengths, the grandfathered directors account still allowed (as far a I know) unlimited video times.  This allows me the ability to bring in videos at one hour in length and more (if I wanted).

Put that damn camera down already!

I've heard that a few times, but not from the artists.  I've been hearing this from a few friends and indirectly from a few acquaintances.  I've been told that I bring it to every club I go to now instead of just dancing the night away like everyone else.  For me clubbing has evolved on how I treat it.  I've had my years of grooving to tunes and find that I enjoy my clubbing experience more by bringing that night to you, the viewer.  I almost feel naked without it when I go out and it seems like the night isn't quite the same unless I'm recording.  I really do love what I do and I know there are many who love it too.  I'm asked many times if I'll be recording a certain artist when they come to my corner of the planet.  I think that's what some of FEW critics of what I do don't comprehend. The fact that I do it is just mainly for the love of electronic dance music and also trying to bring the excitement of that night to GrooveENERGY's many fans!

Why don't you get one of those pro camcorders?

Main reason is not the money, although 10  to 15 thousand doesn't help, but it's mainly because I like to still party whilst I do my thing!  I've seen many others with their bigger cameras.  You never see them having fun or moving around.  I, on the other hand, like to get right into the crowd where all the action is and party with my friends.  Being up on stage is great for the best close-up shots, but the real fun is always on the dancefloor !

When are you going to stop?

There's no plans as of yet.  As long as people enjoy the videos and I still love the EDM scene enough to record it, I believe I'll be at it for quite a while !!!

- Francis

What happened to GrooveENERGY RADIO?

GrooveENERGY RADIO (formerly RadioXex) has been running for the past few years along with videoing events.  Originally the idea of the videos was to help promote the music streaming, as well as the fact that recoding events was plain out fun!  Well the opposite happened and the video fan base grew immensely, whereas the radio slowly dwindled.  It got to the point where it was no longer viable to run it in it's current form.

To compound matters, the fact the unlimited internet bandwidth has been ruled against and, as of now, bandwidth prices have skyrocketed in Canada.  This was the final blow as there are no external funds helping with running the station.  Hence the hard decision was made to channel all resources to the video end of things, where the popularity continues to grow.

As of now the radio part has been set aside, but not completely buried.  An open book has been left for it and may come back online in the future... perhaps broadcasting events such as "live to airs", etc. may still be possible.  We will still continue to help promote artists with providing links to their sets and embedding new Podcasts as they come online.

Thanks to all whom supported GrooveENERGY RADIO over the years!